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73% Arhuacos Tribe Dark Chocolate Bar (Limited Edition)

73% Arhuacos Tribe Dark Chocolate Bar (Limited Edition)


We handcraft this single-origin 73% dark chocolate bar in small batches with organically-cultivated cacao from the lush region of Sierra Nevada, Colombia. This two-ingredient bar contains only pure cacao and unrefined cane sugar. The direct trade certified cacao beans produce chocolate that carries bright fruity notes. The bar’s hint of tang honors its origin and conserves the unique terroir of its farm. The Aruhacos Tribe diligently safeguards the land upon which this cacao grows.

We're so happy that the chief of the Tribe, Mamo Camilo, offered us his blessing to produce this bar and tell the story of the Arhuacos outside their territory. 

Read more about our cacao origins here!

This bar is vegan-friendly!

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