Our chocolate artisans really love chocolate, What's not to love? With the endless and unique flavor possibilities, all our recipes must be refined to meet their critical palate!

Our Choco-Story

It all started in Paris back in 2011...

Carolina Quijano, our "Chocolate Empress" was already a chocoholic when she traveled to Paris on a business trip for a Wall Street consulting job that had her flying 150,000 miles a year.

She tasted a delicious life-changing chocolate and spent the next two years trying to re-create it in her tiny NYC studio apartment, while still working her demanding job on Madison Ave. hundreds of recipe trials later, in 2014, she took a leap and moved to Miami to start a chocolate factory and make her chocolate dreams come true.

What Makes Us Unique?

We roast our beans and grind to perfection using only sugar, no preservatives or additives.

Everything in our shop is made by hand.

Craftsmanship, dedication, innovation, and lots of energy fill our days.

We use only the best and most ethically sourced cacao beans.

Cacao beans endure a long process before becoming chocolate.

We believe in honoring the natural flavor of the beans and maintaining close ties with the farmers who work hard to produce them. We make bean-to-bar chocolates using only the highest quality ethically sourced beans.

Cheap chocolate is filled with oils and chemicals and that makes us sad!

Everything in our shop is made by hand.

Ethically Sourced

The Art of
Chocolate Making

Great Variety of
Chocolate Bars

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Meet our Culinary Team

Lara Dennery

Lara Dennery, originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, graduated from Miami Dade College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Supervision and Management with a minor in Business Administration. Lara is passionate about all things creative, but she found her true calling in the culinary arts after working as an assistant pastry chef and a visual merchandiser. She grew up in the kitchen as a “professional taster” and enjoys connecting people through a shared love for food. She is now able to channel her artistic and technical skills as a chocolatier at Exquisito Chocolates.

Christian Fernandez

Christian Fernandez, originally from Galicia, Spain, is a skilled Pastry chef currently pursuing his Bachelors in Baking and Pastry Arts at Johnson and Wales University. His interests include gaming and working out when he’s not being lazy. Christian has been a fan of chocolate since he was a little kid. He loved the store-bought chocolate that most of us grow up eating and that led him to take a chocolate making class. It was in that class that Christian realized what real chocolate is, and the fact that he wanted to pursue making it. Now at Exquisito Chocolates he gets to work with some of the finest chocolate in the world. His kid self would be proud. Christian hopes to learn all he can about making chocolate and candy and one day open up a shop in Europe where everything is made with natural ingredients. He is well on his way to making his dream come true.

Sra. Damaris Pupo

Damaris Perez-Pupo, originally from Cuba, is a highly experienced and skilled pastry chef who has been in the industry for over 20 years. She was a pastry chef in Cuba with her own business, and she knew that when she arrived in Miami she wanted to continue with her passion. She came here and got her degree in Baking while working in a variety of Restaurants and Bakeries. Now Damarys is an integral part of the Exquisito Chocolates team. Whether making chocolate from scratch, creating our homemade treats, or baking, she can do it all. She makes sure that everything she touches, comes out perfect. Her years of experience and skill help ensure that Exquisito Chocolates are always exquisite!


The art of chocolate making and cacao cultivation

Our cacao pods are organically cultivated and ethically-sourced from farms across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Colombia: Arhuacos, Sierra Nevada

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Haiti: PISA, Acul-du-Nord

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