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About Us


What Makes Us Unique?


Our chocolate artisans really love chocolate. What's not to love? Endless and unique flavor possibilities...all our recipes must be refined to meet their critical palate!


We refuse to use inferior products... cocoa beans endure a long process before becoming chocolate...we believe in respecting the beans. This is why we produce bean to bar chocolates using only the best and most ethically sourced beans. We roast our beans and grind to perfection using only sugar - no preservatives or additives. Cheap chocolate is filled with oils and chemicals and that makes us sad.

Our hot chocolate is inspired from our travels. It all started in Paris back in 2011. While traveling on business, we discovered truly delicious hot chocolate. While at Montmartre, we were introduced to handmade velvety chocolate. That winter we tried and perfected hundreds of recipes because we wanted to replicate that Parisian experience with friends and family. This journey had us trying recipes every day until 3am for a year after our corporate job ended at Madison Ave...

And then it happened - we brought Paris to our loved ones. Our hard work paid off when we created a high quality chocolate that stirs into hot milk... no more need for pots and multiple ingredients. 

Everything is made by hand...craftmanship, dedication, and lots of energy fill our days. We don't believe in shortcuts and that is reflected in our products.