Bean to Bone Paint Kit Set


One of our most popular experiences at our factory comes straight to your home with the Halloween edition of our painting chocolate kit!

Each order comes with four sets of our chocolate skulls - 2 sets (4 total skulls) Dark Sierra Nevada (Ecuador), and 2 sets (4 total skulls) Cookies & Dream (Toasted White + Oreos). You’ll also receive six edible paints that we use in our shop to paint our own little pieces of art. Four paintbrushes and instructions will also be included. We provide the chocolates and fun, you just bring the spooky creativity. Shipping automatically included with this set. 

Our Bean to Bones are being carefully crafted from fresh roasted cacao-davers! You may request to have your items sent out at a later date (just add a note for us at the end). We suggest ordering by 10/24 to avoid any potential courier delays with standard shipping. 




Fast shipping with melt-free guarantee


Ordered a box of truffles and bonbons, plus a chocolate bar and they were all by far, the best chocolates I have ever had in my life. I will never go back to store bought chocolate (Hersheys, Nestle, etc.) The sugar level is low but perfectly sweet, not overly sweet as with most chocolates. This helps the cacao flavor to really shine and adds yet another level of indulgence. I cannot say enough good things about this company. If you haven't tried them out, give them a chance.

Mary Yalda
July, 2021

The chocolates at Exquisito Chocolates are 'DDD'... Divinely Delectably Delicious... There's no comparison to mas produced chocolate... Dark chocolates pair well with a red wine but with chocolates from Exquisito, it's on another level of decadence... Hey how 'bout that, another 'D'... ... Try these chocolates, they're well worth it.

Fred C
July, 2021

I had heard of this place through word of mouth and various social media posts so I decided to come buy some chocolates for Valentine’s Day. I was not disappointed! It was some of the best truffles I’ve EVER had and I love how creative the names are! My favorite was probably the Miami Vice (cafe con leche with dulce de leche). The flavor was very distinct and I just love how it melts in your mouth. I’m definitely coming back for one of their tastings where you can bring your own wine.

Natalia Yepes
May, 2021

Exquisite! Ordered it online and never expected to fall in love with chocolates all over again. I love that the sweetness is minimal where you can taste the coca with different taste notes, this is probably how chocolate is supposed to taste. These days chocolates are overpowered with sweetness where the taste of coca vanishes. I would recommend it for anyone who does not think that the “gold standards” of chocolates is a available while you are filling up gas or at your local grocery store.

Sunny K
March, 2021

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