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63% Oatally Rad, Dude!, Toasted Oat Milk Chocolate

63% Oatally Rad, Dude!, Toasted Oat Milk Chocolate


Our head chocolatemaker Carolina has tinkered over many batches in pursuit of the perfect dairy free "milk" chocolate bar. Replicating the creaminess that we all grew up loving in chocolate, but without having to use dairy to bring about those qualities. Lots and lots of different ingredients were tested out before landing on this oatally rad formulation. Made with slowly roasted oats with a little bit of cocoa butter to bring out toasty notes. We combine with organically-cultivated cacao from the verdant farms of Duarte, Dominican Republic and unrefined cane sugar. The combination is a creamy bar that will made you doubt if we didn't accidentally spill some milk in it - ok, but we didn't! A great option for dark chocolate snobs, vegans or those avoiding dairy.

Read more about our cacao origins here!

This bar is vegan-friendly!

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